Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blythe Hat

When we did the Blim Spring Market I bought a Blythe dress from It's Your Life. My blythe has been packed away in a box since I moved in Spring of 2007, but the dress was so cute and it would suit her so perfectly.

So last weekend I finally got around to digging her out. I also got around to sorting my yarn stash. (Everything I plan on never using is being given away, and the yarn and fiber are now separate.) In my yarn stash I found a mini ball of one of the rovings Rhi and I dyed and spun. It was perfect for a little Blythe hat.

So I introduce Georgie in her new dress and new hat. I will point out that the colours of the hat don't suit her or the dress at all. Not being matching didn't please her much.


Lisa said...

Cute! (Too bad they don't match, that would have been pretty awesome.)

momolita said...

believe me she is sooo lovely