Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New buttons

Ever since Rhi made the first wood button ring, I've wished they were in brighter colours. After some discussion, I was given the group ok to buy some vintage buttons in different colours to use for the rings, which I have since started making as well. Today I finally went to our local button store. Here's my haul, complete with notes made by the owner of the store so I could remember what buttons were what.

I want to say that I am being a bit of a tease by posting these because I won't be able to start making new rings for another few weeks. Keep an eye out for them in September.


Lisa said...

Wheee - buttons! So sad that the Button store is closing... hope they can find a new space in Vancouver!

Tasha Early said...

You are a tease.

me = jealous

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

I love button rings- it is soo fun to look at old use items and find new uses for them! have fun!