Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Evening Salad

1. Organic baby spinach
2. On-the-vine cherry tomatoes
3. White button mushrooms
4. Local strawberries
5. Local cheese curds
6. Raw cashew pieces
7. Spicy italian dressing

The salad will be followed by lentil burger patty from Capers, Lundburg Risotto and steamed asparagus.


cheesecurds said...

You mentioned cheese curds!

The best come from the proclaimed “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin” in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. (The Governor of Wisconsin gave them that title!) They are so squeaky good! Their cheese is ALL NATURAL and is made from rBST free milk. If you are near Ellsworth, Wisconsin stop in their creamery store after 11 a.m. and take home WARM packages of FRESHLY made cheese curds! SQUEAKY FRESH!

They do have a web site and sell fresh and lightly, hand-breaded cheese curds too. They sold 104,000 lbs to the Minnesota State Fair last year and have been selling to state and county fairs for over a decade! They are also in A&W Restaurants. If you go to a Milwaukee Brewers home game at Miller Park you can buy the breaded cheese curds there.

Their cheese morsels remain the color of fresh quality milk: White!
(Have you ever drank a glass of orange milk?)

Or if you purchase one of their fresh 1# cheese curds packages (Deli section of Cub Foods for example) there is a very simple recipe on the back of their packages - it is so easy to make your own batter with only FOUR common ingredients. Additional recipes are on their web site.

If you can't get to their creamery store, these cheese morsels are in many grocery stores.
Remember to microwave for just 15 seconds to bring out the rich cheddar flavor and its trademark SQUEAK!

Lisa said...

Ah, I remember enjoying the cheese curds when I lived in Wisconsin... it's a shame that the poutine phenomenon never hit WI - that would have been heaven!

Lisa @ Serah's said...

That salad sounds good! Like your blog and products!

Kalin said...

Thanks for the comment Serahs!

I think any salad with a nut, a fruit and a cheese is pretty much awesome. It's the mixing and matching that is fun.