Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweet and Savory Crostini

I went to a friends wedding shower yesterday afternoon. I'm one of her bridesmaids so I had to bring some snacks. I didn't have time to make anything in advance so I went to the grocery store early in the morning (with my recently finished crocheted market bag!) and bought stuff for two kinds of crostini.


First I sliced up the baguette into thin-ish slices and laid them out on a baking pan. I put a tiny bit of margarine on half of them. Those would be the sweet and the plain ones were for the savory.

While these were in the oven (Broil on low for 4 minutes) and then cooling, I prepared the toppings. For the sweet, I chopped up strawberries and tossed them in a bowl with cinnamon and sugar. For the savory, I mixed cram cheese and pesto in a bowl and sliced up cherry tomatoes.

Now, put the toppings onto the bread slices and put the pan back in the oven. Check them every two minutes until they are suitably cooked. This took about 8 minutes in my oven. Eat and enjoy!

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