Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Photo Essay - fiber journey

Shallow Water- pre-draftedMany pre-drafted bundles.

Shallow waters - spun upOn the bobbin.

DSCF2833.JPGIt was like this for over a year.

DSCF2881.JPGPossible thread for plying with.

DSCF2835.JPGSoaking to set the twist.

DSCF2842.JPG Hanging to dry.

DSCF2891.JPGThree small skeins.

DSCF2901.JPG Wound into center-pull balls.

DSCF2900.JPGThe first three rows.

DSCF2916.JPGYay! It's done!

DSCF2926.JPGAction shot. Would be better in winter.


Lisa said...

Cool! So pretty. You dyed it as well, right?

Michelle said...

Wow! So cool! =) Such a lovely blue color, too! I just found your blog through the Vancouver Flickr Group...are all 4 of you ladies Vancouver based? =) Anyway - fab! Happy day!

Lisa said...

Hi Michelle - welcome! Yup, we're all Vancouverites (though Megan has a habit of wandering the globe, she always comes back!).