Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wham, Bam, Thank You Cosy

Just a quick post to show off a recent knit.


I followed the general idea of this pattern in that I knit a short scarf in garter stitch and then seamed it up wonky. I love how this makes a little triangle that sticks down and covers that little V of exposed skin without adding any bulk under my coat. And although a pull-over style probably isn't best for a super finicky hairstyle, I love just plonking it on and not worrying about buttons coming undone or the ends hanging down and getting in my way.

I've been wearing it all day and think it may be more suited to in-office and spring wearing. When I'm outside I find myself wishing it was a smidge warmer. I probably should have knit with smaller needle to make the fabric denser, cast on more, and knit a couple less rows. Of course then I'd have a scarf for outside and nothing for my chilly, but not as chilly as outside, office. But, I have some yarn left, and re-knitting would use it up... Argh. It's these things that can make knitting stressful for me. These silly decisions that don't really matter but I end up thinking about them all day. And I don't why it bothers me so much to have yarn left over. I want to use it ALL.

I should mention that the yarn I used is a gorgeous handspun merino/tencel thick-and-thin 2-ply from Cosy. I love it and I'm having trouble letting any of it go to waste.

I wonder if this pattern would look as good with the garter ridges going horizontal as opposed to vertical. Then I could cast on enough to go around my neck and just keep knitting until I ran out yarn. Maybe I'll try that with some of the other yarn I got from Cosy.


hmmmmmmmm. I don't know. Decisions, decisions.

But it's all good cause I'm cosy in my new knit.

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Lisa said...

cozy's yarn all looks so soft and squishable!