Tuesday, January 06, 2009

On working in a yarn shop

I have been thinking a lot lately about my new job at the yarn store. Every spare minute I have is spent thinking about yarn and crafts and designing and all sorts of other big life things.

First off, all I want to do is create fiber things. All day I get to think about everything other people are making and by the time my shift is over I can not wait to pull out my own projects. This has lead to finishing and planning lots of projects in the last few weeks.

That leads me to the fact that I am now also a knitter. I have yet to finish a project, but I am working on two and have a few more planned. They all lead up to a beautiful pair of silk and cashmere knee-high cable socks. It's very exciting.

Not only am I learning every day I also get to share my own knowledge. I share with customers all the time, and then staff because I am the most experienced crocheter here right now. But above all I am officially an instructor now. I taught my first crochet private lesson today. It was long but went really well. I'm only doing private lessons for now, but who knows what might happen in the future.

I'm also starting to officially design. I'm working on two spring scarves, plus will finally finish my Cupcakes for Secrets pattern. I also might do a bikini in the summer out of Skinny dyed cotton by Blue Sky Alpacas.

But all in all, there's just something lovely to being surrounded by all that yarn. Every day I discover something I hadn't paid attention to the day before. I'm working with colours and fibers I wouldn't normally work with. My fiber heart growing and it feels awesome.


Lisa said...

I can vouch for Kalin's teaching abilities - she got me started with crochet!

Rhiannon said...

'm excited that you're getting into socks with me. But I also know that your socks will quickly put my efforts to shame.