Thursday, January 08, 2009

Google Alerts

Every week I get two emails from Google Alerts. One is for "maked" and the other is for "maked crafts". I don't feel either provides me with much insight, but it has made me realize how many people don't know the proper past tense of the word "make". Occasionally there are a few things worth noting...

I find out about other blogs who have mentioned us or have linked to us. For example, Watashi no Uchi Desu has us in their blog links and Spotted Sparrow included us in their list of Holiday Inspiration.

Often, I'll get alerts about "maked" that will just include the word "make" which it's kind of silly because it's a really, really common word. Once, of all the blogs it chose to include was my lovely friend Diandra's blog. Her post had nothing to do with us at all, but her post where she "made" something put her in my alerts.

That's all for today. Tomorrow expect pictures of beautiful varigated yarns.


Lindsey said...

My shop is called Brookberrys and I used to get alerts for Brookberry Farms, or for Brooke Berry, etc. To fix this I edited the alert to alert me for "Brookberrys" (added quotation marks) - this tells Google to only alert me when that specific word - Brookberrys - is mentioned somewhere. This really cuts down on the unrelated alerts.

Kalin said...

oh, what a great tip. Thanks so much, I'll definitely change my alerts.