Sunday, January 11, 2009


Dear Megan,
I thought I'd do a little post updating you on how those knits you wanted are coming along.

BSJ in progress

The sweater is almost done. Aside from sewing on buttons, the only other thing I want to do is fix up that neckline a little. I'm thinking I'll do a crochet edging to even it out. And as for said buttons, I've got a couple that might work but I thought I'd get your input. It's times like this I really miss "Button, Button" (a button store downtown that was awesome but had to close b/c of soaring rent). I'm thinking something woodsy...

I've finally made some decisions about the hat and got going on it during my trip to Toronto. I've started with a little I-cord knot on top (like the Stitch N Bitch Umbilical Cord hat). Once I'm done the increases I think I'll throw in some garter ridges (kinda like in this hat) to pull it together with the sweater.

Also what I need to do is figure out what size baby the sweater fits and make the hat so that it fits the baby at the same time.... hmmmmm. If only there was a coordinating BSJ hat pattern that would just say "using same yarn and needles, cast on this many stitches."

Anyways, let me know what you think so far!

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