Monday, January 26, 2009

Tiny Beads

I love beads. Give me a lump of glass with a whole through it and I'm a happy girl. Give me some delica beads, and I'm your best friend forever. Delica beads are Japanese beads of unrivaled uniformity. They are perfect for beadweaving where you want each bead to lock into place like a little brick.

I recently discovered that there is a smaller size of delicas available, size 15. Since I'm all for anything that makes my work more time consuming and painstaking, I ordered myself a little sample. I tried to get a photo for you but the size difference is hard to capture. The gold bead is the smaller one. They're AWESOME. So tiny, so perfect! I made myself a ring which I'm totally in love with. The smaller beads mean the 'fabric' is just a bit more flexible and .... I don't know, finer-grained? It's definitely love for me.

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