Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paper Berry Tree from How About Orange

I just saw this on How About Orange and had to share it. I love love love this. Isn't it the perfect decoration to make with kids for a special event. The one pictured makes me think of Easter. But change the paper and it's Halloween, or Christmas, or a birthday! I think it would also be fun to make the circles with fabric. You could stiffen them with some light iron on interfacing first.

When I was a kid, my favorite thing about birthdays and holidays like Christmas and Easter wasn't the presents (although they were pretty awesome). It was that my mum would make the house (well, the dining room) look lovely and I felt like it had been decorated just for me, just for the sole purpose of celebrating our family and this time we were getting to spend together. The decorations wouldn't be huge or complicated. The ones I remember most are the nice tablecloth with berries on it, the paper garland hanging over the table and maybe a few streamers hanging from a lamp. I would come down in the morning and the room would have little surprises of colour. It made me feel very loved and special. I really hope that I can pass that feeling on.

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