Friday, June 06, 2008

Good week!

1. We had two items featured on the adorable Cuteable blog.

2. We were featured on Itsy Bitsy Industries Blog. Check out her etsy shop, there's some beautiful stuff there.

3. The four of us had our first official crafting session on Wednesday. It was awesome.

4. Megan is so close to finishing the first sock monkey that will being going up for sale. She'll post pictures when he's totally done, but I just wanted to tease you all a bit.

5. Rhi carved a rubber stamp of Monsieur. It's awesome and pretty much impossible to believe it's her first time carving stamps. I'll let her post her own pictures. More teasing.

6. I am half done the Irish mist stole I'm making for Diandra. It's beautiful and soft and I'm not the least bit bored by it.

7. Lisa left for vacation in London. This is not all good because we'll miss her, but I love London and will get to live vicariously through her.

8. We have a tons of new stuff in our etsy shop. Here's a link to fabric covered buttons Megan made while she was in Japan.


Swirlyarts said...

Thanks for mentioning Cuteable!

Lisa said...

Yay - can't wait to see the sock monkey all finished!

(ps, London is AWESOME)