Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another scarf? Why yes.

I'm starting to realize that, uh, I may have more scarves than I need. But I love scarves. And I really love making scarves - so low pressure, no worries about gauge and fit, you can just grab a yarn and go.

This scarf/shawl was done using a pattern from A Little Slice of Life who has been creating wonderful lace patterns for crochet (the spiral scarf pattern is hers also). I used some yarn in my stash left over from my first ever weaving project (another scarf, see last photo). I actually really dislike the yarn - it's a plastic-y acrylic.... but I'm trying to be good about using up my stash and it was a good weight for this project and it turned out quite nice.


Leilani said...

Hi Lisa & the gals of Bare Maked...I have nominated you for a lemonade award! Congratulations!

Leilani in Montreal

Kim Werker said...

I love making scarves, too, and am trying to get over rationalizing not making more since I have so many. I can always use more, and I do so love making them for all the reasons you gave.

Lisa said...

Hi Leilani! Thanks for the lemonade award, you're very sweet!