Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crocheted Spiral Scarf

I saw this scarf on Ravelry one day and thought it would make a fantastic gift for a cousin on my Christmas list.   I picked up some cheap yarn to try it out (Patons Lacette), thinking that if I liked it, I would do it in something prettier.... but the cheap yarn actually worked out really well so it might be good to go as is.   

Anyone have any thoughts?  What are your feelings on receiving a handmade scarf made of acrylic yarn?   I usually prefer to use natural fibres but I don't want to be a total yarn snob.

Details: the pattern is a free one you can find on A Little Slice of Life, it's very easy to follow and doesn't require much concentration to work up.   I think the end product is very pretty and romantic.    

And, I just noticed that she has another free pattern up for another pretty lacey crochet scarf!   (That is going into my queue on Ravelry!)


Ellen Bloom said...

The scarf looks great!

I love acrylic, because it can be easily washed and dryed without shrinkage. For an off-white scarf, this is a good thing.

Your cousin will love the scarf.

Cortney said...

pretty! I want to make one for myself. I'm excited!