Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Birthdays research

My boyfriends birthday is coming up and luckily he doesn't read the blog so I can post about my plans.

He's new to Canada, so I wanted to get him something "Canadian" without being obnoxious. My first thought was a t-shirt from Identify Apparel. The line can be found in a few shops in the city (and Canada) but my housemate is also friend with the designer. I haven't settled on the actual shirt yet. We joke a lot about curling so I like that one, but I think the blue might be too bright for him. She might have new designs for this winter though, so I will have to ask about those before I make a final decision.

I was a bit stuck on what else to get. I was browsing etsy last night for pants and shoes for my blythe doll. I was sitting in his living room and remembered he needs art. He's furnished his place, but it's full of blank white walls and brown and black furniture.

Next on my etsy search was wall decals. I did notice there aren't too many that are masculine. Lots of birds and swirls and a ton of stuff *I* loved but not so much for him. I did find Circle Line Studios who had some more man friendly ones, such as bikes and pine trees. I also found Fame which is located in Vancouver and have an awesome Tetris decal pack.

I'm still not settled on either gift but I'm feeling like I have some ideas and am on track. It's like a warm up to Christmas and I'm devoted to buying all local or handmade this is. 100%.

Oh and here's the shoes I found for Georgie:

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Lisa said...

That's true, a lot of the vinyl wall decals are kind of girly, I hadn't thought of that before.... that's a great gift idea for your boyfriend though!