Tuesday, October 21, 2008

best job ever?

ok, so that's a huge exaggeration. However, it is a pretty awesome job opportunity. I'm looking at getting a second job and I found out one of the local yarn shops is hiring!! It's only one day a week, and probably not much pay. However, it would be super fun, I'd get to help people craft(!!!!) and get a discount. I'm going to go tomorrow and drop my resume off, with a cover letter detailing all my fiber skills.

And just so this isn't picture-less, here's a cross stitch project I started, but some where I must have miscounted because it's off. This project is doomed to incompletion because I hate un-stitching cross stitch. Does anyone even do that?



diandra said...

do it! apply apply apply!!! xo

Lisa said...

Oh - that would be fun... although I question how much of your paycheque you'd actually take home when tempted with discounted yarn!! I don't know that I'd have much will power in that situation! Fingers crossed for you!

megha said...
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