Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Warmth

We are in the middle of our production for the two winter fairs we are doing. There's partially made stuff at all of our houses, but there's also completed stuff too.

One of our new items this year that we've already mentioned are the crocheted neckwarmers. (Also good head/ear warmers!) These are complete except for putting tags on them. Here's a sneak peak:

One item is not new, but we only do them for Christmas and haven't ever sold them online. They are Hot-water-bottle cozies made from felted sweaters. We have a larger selections of colours this year and are putting appliques on some of them. The aren't fully sewn together yet, so this preview picture is a bit mysterious:

Then we have an item we don't sell at all. For Got Craft! we have to submit "Swag" that will be put into giftbags with items from other vendors and given to the first 30 people in line for the fair. These bags are awesome so it's definitely worth waiting early for them. In the spring we did fabric covered buttons, and this time we're doing pins made from vintage buttons. Here's step two of the process completed:

Also, I have an interview for the yarn shop on Wednesday. Send lots of good vibes my way. And I have another crocheted related job opportunity I have to send info out for tonight. exciting all around.

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Lisa said...

The neckwarmers look awesome even all piled up like that!

Good luck on the interview!!