Sunday, February 01, 2009

Babies Galore

I have about 15 friends who are pregnant right now.

Well, that might be an exaggeration, but it's at least 4.

Normally I like to craft gifts for new babies but I'm pretty overwhelmed by the number of them this year. I'm going to take it one baby thing at a time, see how far I get.

I've got the fabric picked out for gift #1 - a baby blanket made using this tutorial at the Purl Bee. I think it'll be pretty cute and snuggly and a lot faster than crocheting a baby blanket, which is what I did for the last baby. (See pic below - this is the Tiramisu pattern by Posie Gets Cozy.)

If anyone has suggestions for other quick but awesome baby gifts, I'd love to hear them!!


Ellen Bloom said...

Baby Bibs! Baby Bibs! Crocheted from kitchen cotton. It's like making a dishrag with ties! There are tons of patterns out there.

Anonymous said...

That blanket will be so incredible - and so simple, this could be a go-to gift. Babies can never have too many nicely sized, well-made and cozy blankets. Your friend will get a ton of use out of it, very thoughtful!!

I love the bib idea, though will say that I, personally, find ties to be a big pain in my a**. Think big buttons (very well attached, of course), snaps (same) or possibly "velcro" (but that would be more work - blarg).

Other quick and easy gifts that are destined to get play:
- flat-pants ( - scroll for pattern)
- booties, sewn, crocheted or knit (I love these ones: - free pattern on right)
- soft toys, made with natural fibres - my kids loved this felted wool bunny I whipped up, it was small which made it a quick knit and easy to toss in my purse

Beth said...

Try making a rag quilt. I recived one for my second son and use it for sleeping, play time, and to cover him up outside. Here is a simple tute to give you an idea.

Or what about taggie toys? The michael Miller site has some cute tutes.
you could even take a finished wooden ring and attach fabric strips or ribbon by sewing them on to make little tags,

And of course soem baby shoes! I just whipped up my first pair using your tute, and love the way they turned out! much nicer looking that the stardust shoes one ^_^

Lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement and ideas! I had kind of given up hope on being able to make gifts for everyone but maybe it is doable!

Krishell said...

That blanket is going to be awesome!! I love the fabric you picked out. I think a rag quilt is a good and fairly quick project. Maybe a hat and bootie set for fall and winter babies?

MooBear Designs said...

I love the good ol' toy bell in the block. A friend made me 2 blocks and a small ribbon hanky (it's not big enough to be a blankie hehe) with matching fabrics and my 4 mth old loves these toys the best out of all her store bought ones!! I love the wooden ring tutorial too.

Unknown said...

I have a wonderful book of crochet borders for afghans (got it a a craft store) you can buy 1 yd of a printed or plain fleece (you can even use flannel) and then poke holes around the border using the book as a reference for how many (eg multiple of 3 +2) then just pick a coordinating yarn and crochet the border into the holes you punched. this has been a go to for me as it takes only a few hours to complete!