Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Improv Awesome

This post is in no way craft-related... except it is about very crafty people. But crafty as in devious... awesomely devious.

There's a group in New York City called Improv Everywhere that exists to cause chaos and joy in public places. They're most famous for the Frozen Grand Central Station stunt where 200 'agents' froze in place at the same moment in Grand Central Station and didn't move for 5 minutes (this is now a world-wide event done with flash mobs) - but there are others that are even more quirky and charming.

If you need a smile and a laugh - go poke around their website. I'm an urbanist so I absolutely love that strangers come together for the sole purpose of doing something random and awesome to make other people smile or scratch their head or have a memorable experience.

Some of my favorite "missions" - these make me smile every time I read them:
- Best Buy
- Best Game Ever
- Moebis
- Food Court Musical
- Circle Line Tours
- Look Up More

I promise, reading/watching some of these missions will make your day.

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