Sunday, September 07, 2008

Summer Returns!

After a bit of grey sky and rain - summer came back! Whoo! We've all be out enjoying the great weather, getting in lots of trips to the parks/beaches/out of town, making the most of it. It's good times but part of me is looking forward to using the bad weather as an excuse to stay home and craft for entire weekends at a time. 

I did get a bit of craft time in and went on a bit of a delica ring making frenzy (black and pink this time round) - they've been getting some attention at our etsy shop ever since I posted the listing for this extra-blingy silver one below.   The rings are stitched together bead by bead which is slow, but kind of relaxing and if there's no complex pattern, can be done kind of absentmindedly while the brain wanders on other things.  I find them very satisfying in their perfect uniformity and seamless construction (courtesy of the magical delica beads).

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