Friday, September 19, 2008

Freezer Paper Stencil Fun #2


Since my first freezer paper stencil project went so well, I decided to promise a second stenciled shirt to my boyfriend.  I let him pick the image this time and he was keen on this Kill Bill stencil by justinexcore on craftster.   Oy.   That's a tricky one with lots of fiddly little bits.   But okay, I figured I was up for giving it a try!   So I worked away at it little by little with a nice sharp xacto knife and a lot of perfectionist angst and eventually it was done!   Whooo!   (see pics above)

I went looking for black and red fabric paints and had to buy a black/red/yellow/blue starter kit to get was sold out everywhere.  So I've now got a LOT of fabric paint  (I predict more stenciling in my future).  

Here it is in progress (stenciling is the only time you will find me ironing t-shirts).

Unfortunately there was a bit of a snafu with the red cross on the eye patch.... some of the red paint got under my carefully ironed down stencil.  doh!

I managed to scrape most of the paint off with the xacto knife...  it wasn't a pretty solution but it worked okay.    I anticipate this shirt will fail via a hole in that location... then I'll have to turn the eye-patch into a real eye patch (so to speak).

Fixed, mostly.

Modeled by Peter with the grimace of extreme happiness.


fuzzbuzz said...

ooh that's a very cool shirt! congrats!

Brenda Groboski said...

A real eyepatch with the same design idea would be very cool also. It would give dimension to the print and then you can totally hide the snafu.