Saturday, September 13, 2008

Art on Etsy

A lot of the stuff I find on Etsy that I love is jewelry (oh, such amazing jewelry!) - but there's plenty of other products to be crazy about - including art.   Original paintings, collages, and lots of fantastic photographic prints are available directly from the artists themselves.   I've hardly even scratched the surface and here are a few of the works that have caught my eye:

By a photographer originally from The Netherlands - this mezmerizing photo taken in Madrid.   I loved Madrid and I love architectural pictures with strong patterns and details and glimpses into the everyday lives of people far away so this picture really caught my eye.

This unique artist uses a combination of woodburning and painting to make haunting images.  I fell in love with the original piece shown at left and was sad to see it had sold - but photo prints of it are available (whew)!   This image captures so many moments I've spent by the water in Vancouver  - moments of quiet where the weather just blows around you.

This self-taught photographer creates amazing, fascinating scenes using miniatures.   I could stare at her pictures for hours - imaging the stories behind the scenes she's set up and beautifully photographed.   I had the hardest time picking out just one image to put here - I still have not decided which one is my favorite.   

This one looks like it has a great story behind it...

Sometimes you need some COLOUR.   This bit of art caught my eye one day - how could I miss it?   Something about it keeps drawing me back...     (I also love the combination of hand-drawn in ink and digitally coloured.)


melissa said...

What cool finds!
Off to look at more.


Alicia said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
You have really great taste in picks for Etsy. I'm going to bookmark your blog and I'll be back. Thanks again! Alicia

Lisa said...

Thanks guys!