Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soap? Maybe!

In non-Maked crafting related news (i.e. personal crafting) - my boyfriend and I did our first batch of cold-process soap making over the weekend! I lured him into the world of crafting by explaining the dangers of working with sodium hydroxide (lye). ;) I also sold him on the idea with this little factoid: "Commercial soap manufacturing takes out the glycerin (moisturizer) from the soap and sells it to cosmetics manufacturers for more profit." That's pretty uncool.  

So - we gathered together the ingredients. It was really tough tracking down the lye but we found a place in Richmond, BC that carried it. Finally, last weekend we had everything we needed and enough time to get into it. It was super easy. 

We popped the soap out of the mold the other night and sliced it up... it looks okay so far but it has to cure for another 4 weeks before we know if we've been successful or not.

Really, it's already been a success because the boyfriend wants to do another batch, something fancier this time with scents and additives. =)

For anyone who is interested, there are lots of instructions out there - we followed this set at Orthogonal Thought.


D.N.B said...
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Unknown said...

How cool! Your photos make this look super fun. I want to try this--thanks for the link! :)

Lisa said...

It actually was quite fun - you have to be careful around the lye but otherwise it's easy!