Sunday, March 02, 2008

Quilt Fabrics

I've been meaning to post this for a long while, but I actually had to take pictures first. Today I did that so here's the post.

When I was visiting Prince George in October I picked up some fat quarters from a quilt shop. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. I had some graphic-ish prints, a big bold floral and some batiks. They are worked together colour wise but they actual project was still a mystery.

Pinwheel Quilt Fabrics

The fabrics sat in a bag until Christmas when I got my gift from my sister. It was a big gift certificate from a quilt shop out in Surrey called Wineberries (no website or I'd totally link!). I knew I wanted to buy fabrics to complete a quilt with the ones from PG but I needed a pattern first.

So I flipped through the few quilt magazines I have and settled on one from Easy Quilts. It's called Washtub Pinwheels and is a pretty basic pinwheel pattern using one main fabric and 16 fat quarters.

SO I got the the shop with my PG fabrics and the magazine. There they suggested that I pick my main pattern and a only a few other fabrics not the whole 16. They thought it would be ideal for me to go home, cut and sew a lot of the pinwheels and then come back and pick more fabrics when they had the spring ones in and I knew more what colours and intensities I needed to make a unified quilt.

So that's what I did and so far this is my palette:
Pinwheel Quilt Fabrics

What you can't see is my main fabric. It's a very light two-tone cream. You can see bits of it in the back of some of the other pictures I took of the fabrics, but it just didn't photograph well on its own.

My next step is to serge the edges of the fabrics and wash them. Then I have a lot of 3 7/8 squares to cut and sew into pinwheels. But first I have to finish the quilt top I already have half done. There's just not enough time for all the projects.

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