Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sewing Project

First off, this project has absolutely nothing to do with Easter. I have been wanting to make this for at least 6 months. But tonight, on Easter Sunday I finally did it. This was facilitated by my new bedroom set up. This set-up replaced the bookshelf with a table that gives me space for my sewing machine to out all the time.

The before picture: A beautiful but unflattering t-shirt from The Suburbia Clothing.
T-shirt into Bag
T-shirt into Bag

The inspiration from the project came from this book. However, I lined mine and did angled sides so I didn't really follow the instructions.

And here's the finished pictures:
T-shirt into BagT-shirt into BagT-shirt into Bag

And here is the next t-shirt that I am going to turn into a purse. The handles are different (colour and shape) and the lining is going to be red. I might even tackle it tomorrow because this first one went really quite quick.
T-shirt into Bag

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