Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour - Saturday, March 29, 8pm


Today is March 29 - that's the day of everyone turning out the lights across the world for Earth Hour!

At 8pm local time - turn off your lights and everything else you can, unplug your stuff and relax for an hour - have a candle-lit party/dinner/playdate, stargaze, tell ghost stories, play advanced hide and seek (doing it with lights on is too easy).

Many cities are participating officially and you can sign up here to get your participation noted - which helps show our governments that this stuff really does matter to us!

A lot of places are also planning to measure the drop in energy use during the event (including Vancouver) - that will be interesting!

So - 8 pm on Saturday (today) - turn out your lights for one hour and have fun. Then - think about what you really need to turn back on and what you can do without.

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