Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crochet Me: The Book

On Tuesday evening Rhi, Lisa and I went to the Vancouver launch of Crochet Me at Urban Yarns. It was super fun and inspiring, but Rhi will post more about the event soon.

Last night I had the intention of posting here all about the book, but the inspiration of the night before caused me to work on a project all night. I stayed up way too long working on it. (For those interested: S&B Happy hooker pattern "cold shoulders", in Mirasol baby llama yarn.)

But now I am posting about the book. And I would have spent yesterday working on a project in it, but don't have yarn to make what I would like to make in it (three separate patterns are fighting for the position of "first project"). I'll be ordering some from knitpicks next week though.

Anyways, on to the book.

Ok. So really I kind of love this book already and just want to say the patterns look awesome so far. Tons of neat techniques: tapestry , felting, weaving, beading, and tunisian. And great explanations of actually using all of them.

I also really like that Kim hasn't rated the project by difficulty, but instead by "concentration level". I think this is genius. It's super un-intimidating, which i think is really important when you want to tackle your first sweater. Also, it seems like a much clearer system. Like it's hard to decide if I'm ready for an "advanced" pattern, but easy to decide if I can handle one that is too complicated to do while watching tv.

Although, as Kim explained on Tuesday, it's not a beginners book, it's still completely accessible to a beginner. The diagrams are great (for assembly and stitch charts), there's a glossary, and breaks between the patterns with technical notes. These range from blocking to shaping to gauge. I think it would be a great book to grow with.

Also, I love that there is a listed yarn, and a substitution guide if you want a try a different yarn. Like one swater I want to do lists that the substitution yarn needs to have stretch. Not knowing anything about the yarn recommended, I never would have known to look for a stretch yarn. totally awesome. Also, as usual, there are a lot of expensive yarns called for, but this substitution guide is a great anti-dote to that.

And there's something about that idea of making the whole book work for you, and playing with everything in it that's so appealing. You get a really good size write up on all the designers so you get way more info than most books. There's also a few small essays within the book. I have yet to read them but just the idea of them is good.

It's somehow much more than a pattern book. It's a little statement that crochet can be super awesome and flexible (drape!) and suit your cool best friend as much as your grandmother. And the photography is awesome, the design/layout is yummy, but not distracting, and there is an abundance of cool internet links.

Ok, I'm going to stop gushing. I am going to go work on my capelet so when my new yarn gets here next week I'll be all ready to get to work on the Icelandic turtleneck. I actually want to make the mini-wrap skirt (out of Red Heart!) for someone, just to make it. See, gushing.

(oh, and go buy the book for yourself and others.)


Kim Werker said...

Hey there, Bare Makeds! It was such a blast to meet you the other night. I just stumbled onto my handful of recent Handwoven and Spin-Off issues. :)

Lisa said...

Hey Kim! We had a great time meeting you and can't wait until you have some free time to come be crafty with us!