Monday, October 08, 2007

Who I Heart

I spend a frightening amount of time looking through Etsy listings, finding stuff to fall in love with. So I'm following Kalin's post and sharing some of my favorites:

1. Anna Leah Designs - she makes amazing wearable art pendants that are really stunning. She has a whole series of tree images that blow me away.

2. Sour Kitten - awesome, eye-catching abstract pendants done with a combination of silk screening and fused glass. Also: a Canadian artist.

3. Tilly Bloom Curious Jewelry - very unique jewelry here with a 19th century vibe, sometimes creepy but in a totally awesome kind of way.

4. Colleen Baran Jewellery - some of the most amazing rings I've ever seen. Colleen is a Vancouver artist we had the pleasure of sitting next to during a craft fair. I am the happy owner of oneo f her bubble rings which I love to pieces.


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Lisa said...

No prob! Love all your new stuff too - the felt rings = awesome.