Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vancouver Centered, a bit

Yesterday I was trying to figure out ways to get the word on winter craft fairs out, so I made a facebook group. It's called "Vancouver Craft Fairs". If you're on facebook and you're either a buyer or seller in the City Please join it. Link to your shop and list fairs you might be going to. Then invite other people who might be interested in it.

I'm going to also put it up on craftster, livejournal, and flickr so the word can get out a bit.

This morning I was at fellow Vancouverite's etsy shop "track and Field Designs" and saw that they were being featured on another site that did monthly showcases called "Poppytalk Handmade"Then at their website I saw a company called Beehive Kitchenware. They might just make the cutest measuring spoon sets I've ever seen.

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Nadia said...

Oh wow. I need those. Not want, NEED.