Sunday, November 04, 2007

Miniature Knitting

We have been pretty busy the last week or so. Not just with our non-craft lives, but with prepping for craft fairs. We were at Portobello West last weekend, and at the Point Grey Craft Fair yesterday. Both went well, but were really different environments.

If you want to find us at other fairs before Christmas, we will be at Portobello again on December 16, and at the West End Craft fair on the 24 and 25th of this month. It's the first year for the West End fair so it'll be an interesting weekend. Details for it can be found on our main website.

But what motivated me to post this morning was an email from a friend in Britain. It was a link to an article about a woman who knits very tiny things. My only wish is that there were more pictures...

Knitting for a Bugs Life


Irene said...

Sorry to had posted here...coz had sent email to you but no reply recvd so far..nto sure did i email to the wrong email address.
I'm fm singapore & are interested in the tutorial on the "Reversible Fabric Baby Shoes"

I Cant locate them in yr blog.
As i'm really keen to sew a pair for my boys before he start to walk....and of course a pair for my friend who will be giving birth in few days time.

Hoping to recvd yr respond...


HomeMadeOriginals said...

The miniature knit jacket/sweater is amazing. I made what I thought was a cute miniature sweater, but nothing like what this woman does.

Kalin said...


I'll double check the email settings and talk to Rhi because she gets the email. However, the tutorial isn't posted yet. Rhi, is working on it but she lives in a space where lighting for pictures isn't great, and with it getting dark by 5:00 pm in Vancouver, she hasn't had much of a chance to do the picture part of the tutorial. Soon though.