Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got Craft?

Maked is officially coming out of hiatus to participate in the best craft fair in the universe.... the Got Craft? Holiday Fair. Yay!

We're thrilled to be vending there again, it's always a blast (and people seem to like our stuff).

If you're local, put it in your calendar - it is THE place to get amazingly creative, locally made gifts. And, there's always a good DJ spinning some great tunes in the background.

December 6, 2009 11am - 5pm. First 30 people get awesome swag bags full of goodies. 2205 Commercial Dr. Vancouver BC

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Babies + Crochet

Yay for finishing baby gifts for people! Finishing projects is so satisfying!

Latest - 1 baby hat with an awesome button made from wood waste, and 1 round ripple baby blanket.

Bring on the babies.

Actually, don't, I'm still way way behind!

(The pattern I used for the blanket is here: http://woven-stars.tripod.com/rippletutorial/)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Esty Awesome

My latest find on Etsy is Emmy-ray who makes beautiful jewelry and accessories. I'm especially taken by her feather hair accessories - we should all wear more feathers.

She's got a great blog here too, where you can become a follower and keep tabs on what she's up to.

There's no end to the crazy talented people you'll find on Etsy.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I remember when I first discovered Lush. It wasn't available in my town so I had to hunt it out whenever I was traveling. I loved their stuff, the unusual scents, the amazing handmade products (this was before the handmade movement busted out, now it's wonderfully easy to find local handmade soaps). I recall walking down the street in Glasgow, Scotland on vacation and stopping, sniffing, and saying to Peter - "there's a Lush nearby", we turned the corner and there it was! It can be overwhelming, walking into a Lush store (in an olfactory sense), it's not for everyone but I still love it.

I have some of their dusting powders but don't use them much because they come in these odd shaker cans and I never could get used to the idea of shaking dusting powder on me like salt. I hunted around sporadically for a nice dusting powder puff. I knew they existed, Mom had one for her Chanel powder, a nice big one in a lovely container. I couldn't find anything! Crazy!

I finally got tired of lamenting the lack of puff available for purchase and grabbed some scrap materials I had handy and made one for myself - this is the joy of being a crafter, after all, being able to just make whatever you need! It's just a random bit of faux fur, cotton fabric, ribbon, and batting sewn into a rectangle. So easy, should have done it ages ago. Now I just need a nice container. In the meantime, I can shake the powder on my poof and apply it with dignity.

If you want one and aren't interested in making it, I did finally find some much nicer ones on etsy.....

This one from Soapalaya Soaps

This vintage can (with powder) from Pursimonia