Monday, April 28, 2008

Off working

More frequent posts should resume shortly... we're off working, getting ready for Got Craft on May 4!
Product, packed in the vintage suitcase, ready to roll:

Friday, April 18, 2008


We all met at my place on Tuesday night so we wanted to post a few pictures.

First, soap! We're doing some new soaps and some ones we've done before. Here's our re-formatted Grapefruit Loofah soap while still in the mold:

Loofah Soap

Second, as Lisa mentioned the first 30 people in the door at Got Craft will be getting swag bags. One of our new items this year are sets of fabric covered buttons and magnets as inspired by the amazing ones Megan sent us from Japan. So, we decided the swag we're contributing are fabric buttons.

fabric buttons

Last, is a new item that I will be making. They are reusable cup cozies. I used to drink coffee or tea every morning so I used to bring a reusable cup. But now I only have it sometimes so I don't carry a cup with me like I used to. This is a small way I can reduce my waste. Plus they're cute. We'll have them in an assortment of fabrics.

cup cozy

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Got Craft

We're very excited to be participating in the Got Craft? fair again this year on May 4. We did it last year and had a splendid time - met a pile of fantastically creative indie crafters and artists.

This year looks to be bigger and better with a stellar lineup of vendors, including some people we recognize: Toodlebunny I remember from Portobello West where I fell in love with a necklace at her table and had to be torn away from it (broken hearted), It's Your Life - fabulous new jewlery made of vintage bits, Anabella Designs - more amazing jewelry*.

People we haven't seen before that look awesome: Bootyfly Bags, Irit Sorokin Designs (jewelry), RumahKampung makes tweed Ipod cozies from recycled suit jackets, need I say more?

The biggest problem at this fair will be keeping myself from spending all my money on the fabulousness that will surround me.

Hope some folks in Vancouver can come check it out. The first 30 people in the door get a swag bag filled with free goodies!

*Why does anyone shop in those big generic chain jewelry stores when there are so many fabulous, unique, independent jewelry makers out there?

* * *

Rhiannon here! I just wanted to add something. See those awesome signs there? They were designed by Jaimie of Crookkid who I've blogged about in the past. She's also going to have a table at the fair, where I hope she will be selling these.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


I made this simple scarf recently - copying a stitch/yarn combination that someone on Ravelry (Ravelry link) had used to great success. It's a diagonal box stitch scarf (crochet) done with Paton's SWS yarn which I love. The colours are fabulous and with this pattern it makes it look like you've switched yarn colours for each diagonal row where in fact you do nothing at all! You can be lazy and just crochet along and the end product looks like you were all fancy-pants with colour changes. That's my kind of pattern.

The scarf now lives with my mom in New Brunswick where it will get a good workout with all the cold weather.