Saturday, November 24, 2007

West End is Where It's At

So day 1 of the West End fair was great! We're nearly sold out of our Novel Notebooks!

It's an interesting mix at this one - mostly old-skool crafty types but a few more edgy people. Seeing all those crafty people and projects (even if they aren't my style - like the fun fur knitted vest) makes me want to lock myself at home and craft.... unfortunately all my craft supplies are packed because I'm moving next week. Torture!

Anyway, we'll see how Sunday's fair goes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fair organizers for playing very subtle Christmas music very quietly. ;)

One pic for now, more later.... (lots of knit & crochet suff at this fair)....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Vancouver Craft Fair Action

This weekend we'll be venders at the annual West End Craft Fair! I'm excited about this one because it's in my 'hood and I just have to mosey down the street to get there, rather than lugging all the stuff on the bus to some far off venue.

Admission is FREE so everyone should come and check it out. I think it's a mix of old school crafty wares and more... uh... youthful? edgy? stuff. In any case, it's free, so swing by and see what kind of handmade awesomeness there is. Did I mention the part where it's free?

It's Saturday, Nov 24 and Sunday, Nov 25 from 10am - 4pm at the West End Community Centre (870 Denman St.).

Sunday, November 11, 2007

How well do you know Crafts?

I'm at work and bored. We're slow and there's not a lot to do. Well there's a ton of laundry but one of our dryers isn't working so it's very slow process.

Anyways, I decided to look for quizzes about crafts. Like "What kind of craft are you?". I didn't have much luck and found a lot of quizzes about the movies "The Craft". I did find two decently appropriate ones though. Maybe I should make one up. Hmmm.

Quiz one: Craft Trivia

Ok, I scored 19 out of 23 on this one. Three of those were related to crafts I've never done, so I'm ok with that. I did get #10 wrong, which I shouldn't have, but at least I learned from it.

Quiz two: What's Your Craft IQ?

I only got one wrong (#7) so that means I have "craft terms all sewn up". I'm happy with that. Careful though, with this quiz the answer is right after the question, so if you scroll to fast you'll see the answer.

Post how your answers compare in the comments. We also welcome links to other fun crafty quizzes.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For Kalin ...

Youkou in New Dress, originally uploaded by knit_purr.

Kalin brought up miniature knitting and I just had to contribute...

If you're at all interested in mini knit and crochet there are two great Flickr pools: miniature knitting and tiny ami

The first person to get me into miniature knitting (and still one of my favorites) is Knit Purr. She has some amazing work. And if you're at all interested in Blythe dolls or Momoko dolls, then you definitely have to check her out. The picture above is a Blythe doll wearing one of her hand knit dresses. I picked this one because I know Kalin likes Blythe dolls and mini knits. Plus, I think this doll looks like her.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Craft Fair Season Begins

Yesterday was the Point Grey Craft Fair at Point Grey Secondary School. This was our first "regular" craft fair - one that isn't described as edgy or urban or unique.... and it did seem pretty old school with people selling some mass-produced stuff, some handmade barbie dresses, but also some amazing woodwork and pottery. It was a pretty slow day for everyone but the food venders - this is the good part about doing these things with friends - we hang out and craft and have a good time no matter what!

Wish I could share pictures of the event but I don't think any of us remembered to take any!

Next up is the West End Craft Fair in Nov 24 & 25!

Miniature Knitting

We have been pretty busy the last week or so. Not just with our non-craft lives, but with prepping for craft fairs. We were at Portobello West last weekend, and at the Point Grey Craft Fair yesterday. Both went well, but were really different environments.

If you want to find us at other fairs before Christmas, we will be at Portobello again on December 16, and at the West End Craft fair on the 24 and 25th of this month. It's the first year for the West End fair so it'll be an interesting weekend. Details for it can be found on our main website.

But what motivated me to post this morning was an email from a friend in Britain. It was a link to an article about a woman who knits very tiny things. My only wish is that there were more pictures...

Knitting for a Bugs Life