Monday, December 22, 2008


It is seriously snowing out here. Again. It's like a real Canadian winter, except that no one has winter tires or proper boots. =) But, it means I get to stay snuggled up inside doing happy things, which I'm very happy about.

One thing I did today was package up the soap Peter and I made to give as gifts this year. It's a blend of a pile of oils (we have so many oils in our cupboards) and is quite fabulous. It looks kind of wonky but it's a good hard bar of soap with a great lather and moisturizing properties. It's a cinnamon/clove scent (essential oils) which we like. Here's hoping people l like it!

I'm off to bake cookies!


Unknown said...

I am baking cookies too! chocolate chip caramel filled.

Blogger said...

I like the label! CUTE!!! haha...

Merry Christmas!

Oh..I stumbled upon your blog, through links here and there...

Interesting stuff you have here!