Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Odds and Ends

A little list of randomness:

1. Only one week until Christmas. I have all my self-made gifts over 50% done, and the rest of my gifts are almost complete. By the weekend they will be. It's also feeling like Chistmas today. There is almost 2 inches of snow at my house and it's still snowing. The weather people are predicting a white Christmas.

2. I bought a second Blythe. She is a Natasha Moore who I've named Amalina. She is beautiful but I haven't spent much time bonding with her yet. After Chistmas I hope to make some clothes for her. Here she is with georgie:

3. I was working at the yarn store last Saturday. A woman buying yarn had a wallet made by boje designs. Their stuff is absolutely gorgeous.

4. For my birthday (two weeks after Christmas) I always buy myself a gift. This year I am going to buy a namaste bag. They sell them at Urban Yarns as knitting bags but are great big purses. I'm getting the Newport design in Turquoise I think.

5. My next task today is doing up a pdf of the felt flower tutorial I posted a few weeks ago. It will be available later this week.


Lisa said...

oooh - the namaste bags are nice - good choice!

Unknown said...

I love the dolls hair and eyes. Where did you get them?

Kalin said...

They are called Blythe Dolls. They can be found on ebay, and a few other places online. is a great resource. There are a very few specialty shops that carry them too.

J said...

My birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas too! I've been trying to figure out what to get myself. The Namaste bag is an alluring option!