Monday, December 01, 2008

Cycling Ankle Cuffs

In the midst of the insanity of our craft fair season (we've got to make some stuff for Got Craft this Sunday because so much sold at the West End fair!).... I'm announcing to the world our newest product!

That's how excited I am about them - I can't wait until the craziness is done to do it calmly, I have to do it NOW. I think they're the PERFECT gift for cyclists, something useful and fun and inexpensive, so I wanted to give people a chance to snag one for christmas!

If you cycle, you may be familiar with these dealies:

The cuffs that you put around your ankle to keep your pants out of your bike chain. Ankle cuffs, pant cuffs, cycling cuffs - whatever you call them.

They're usually neon yellow, which is very good for visibility, but terrible for style. I'm quite confident that the lights and reflectors on my bike keep me visible, I don't need my ankles to shine too, especially since I usually ride during the day. I'd rather have something pretty to keep my pants in check.... so I started making pretty cuffs.

Here's the first one available online in an awesome houndstooth/hot pink fabric combo:


Angie said...

Very cool idea!

esque said...

Yes! These are great! I used to get my jeans caught in the bike chain all the time and have to stuff them into my socks! But these cuffs would be so much more fashionable!


Kim Caro said...

lol i was trying to think of what it was for then i read :)

edward and lilly said...

That is an awesome idea! I love that you've made them in a stylish fabric too.

Lisa said...

Thanks guys!