Thursday, November 06, 2008

fiber excitement

1. Tomorrow I am starting to volunteer at a new exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I volunteered in the past but this is by far the most exciting position yet. Kai Althoff is taking up the whole fourth floor this winter and one of the rooms is a collaboration between him and Travis Meinholf called "The Weaving Space". Here visitors are welcome to weave using a laser cut rigid heddle back-strap loom. All the woven strips will then be stitched into blankets and given away. The concepts behind Travis' work are so interesting and I am so excited to be a part of the exhibit.

2. I am officially the newest employee of Urban Yarns! I start training tomorrow morning and will be mostly working at the Point Grey store. I am very excited to be around that much yarn and people who are excited about it, even if only a few times a week. I just have to make sure to pay my bills before buying any yarn. Or any fabric for that matter, considering how close The Cloth Shop is.

oh, here's a picture from Travis' flickr showing a bit of what he does, and yes, his loom is on wheels:


Skippydou said...

Hello Kalin,
I can relate to your excitement. My mother had a yarn store called Pingouin in the Laurentians, in Qu├ębec. When they closed the office where I was working in Montreal, I moved to live with my parents at their cottage and started to work with my mom at her store. I remember opening the new shipment boxes feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. All the textures, colors were getting transformed into projectsin my head. My mother is deceased now and the store closed but every time I open a box of wool downstairs, I see our little shop in Ste-Agathe just in front of the lake! It was and has been my most favorite job ever! You will work with something you love and believe me you won't regret it. Good luck and visit me on my blog sometimes.

Kim Werker said...

Hey, congrats! I'm sure I'll see you lots @ Urban Yarns. :)

Lisa said...

Yay!! Congrats Kalin, that's awesome about the job!

And I can't wait to see the Weaving Space!