Friday, November 14, 2008

Another Hobby? Sure, why not!

I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head.

I've already got craft supplies tucked into every drawer and cupboard of my tiny Vancouver apartment (and my boyfriend keeps insisting that he needs space for his stuff too - wants to use the dresser drawers for his clothes instead of my yarn... what?).

So when my mom emailed me these pictures... of the spinning wheel she got from a friend for me, I was simultaneously very excited and kind of alarmed. Whoo hoo free spinning wheel!! But, yikes, another craft!

Fortunately, the spinning wheel is at the family cottage in Nova Scotia, so I'm safe for a while. We really, literally, don't have space for it here. (We're already struggling with the floor loom in the apartment, small though it may be for a floor loom.) So, the wheel is mine and it will be waiting for me, when I'm ready to take up a new craft, and when I've got space for it in my life (both physically and time-wise).

It's funny how this need to create can be so consuming. I sometimes have to force myself to put down the craft supplies, stop the ideas running through my head, and just go outside for a walk with my boyfriend. I have to tell myself to just... stop. There will never be enough time to do all the creating I want to do, I need to kind of embrace that fact and remember the importance of balancing the creating with spending time on other things.

Who knew the gift of a spinning wheel could cause so many philosophical musings?


Lindsey said...

What a coincidence, I have a spinning wheel waiting for me, too. It is a gift from my mother-in-law, and it is currently in her living room. I too just don't have the room right now, or the time.

Lisa said...

That's so funny Lindsey! I totally feel that one day I'll get to spinning.... but the time just isn't right yet. Nice to know there are wheels waiting for us though, eh?