Friday, November 28, 2008

Felt Flower Acessory Tutorial

Supplies you should gather before starting:

1. Scraps of felt in two different colours (3x3 inches is plenty)
2. Cool button, about 1/2 inch diameter
3. Glue Gun
4. Scissors
5. Object to glue flower onto

How to Make:

1. Cut 5 petal shapes on the small side of 1 inch long out of each colour of felt. You should have 10 total.

2. Cut three circles slightly smaller than your button out of the felt. There should be 1 of one colour and two of the other, it doesn't matter which though.

3. Decide which colour you want on the top of your flower. I usually pick the lighter of the two.

4. Take one circle and put hot glue on it. Arrange 5 of the same colour petals on it and let the glue set.

5. Take a second circle and glue it onto the top of the petals.

6. Take your second colour of petals and glue them onto the circle so that they fall between the first set of petals.

7. Flip the flower over. Take a second to admire it then glue your button onto the middle.

8. Glue your flower on to item you have chosen.

9. Take the last circle of felt and place it on the other side of them item you glued your flower to. This just makes it more secure and finished-looking. Sizes can be adjusted as much as you'd like.

10. Admire again and prepare to make more.

Suggestions for uses:

1. headbands, alone or clustered
2. large bobby pins
3. alligator hair clips
4. ring bases
5. pin backs
6. magnets
7. push pins
8. Anywhere else you see fit!

** NOTE: Click here for instructions with photos in PDF form!

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Erin said...

LOVE THIS! Making a bunch with friends tomorrow night! Should be fun!