Monday, December 24, 2007

Photoless Pattern

So last night I quickly wipped up a crocheted bookmark for my neice. I wrote the pattern as I went, planning on posting it here, but then wrapped it up with a bookstore giftcard before I took pictures.

I'll take pictures when she opens it tonight, but for now here is the pattern. It's a perfect quick-last minute add on. (If you don't have all sorts of other crafts that are still needing to be finished like I do that is.)

Yarn: Crochet thread (mine is from Daiso and only has Japanese writing, or I'd give more info). I did mine in all one colour but it would also look great in two colours, one for the flower and then green for the "stem".

Hook: 3.25mm. But this is flexible. Up or down 0.25 shouldn't matter in the least.

Start by working the flower in the round.

-ch 2, 6sc into 1st ch. (6) Do not join.
-2sc into each sc of prev. rnd. (12) Do not join.
-sl st into 1st sc of prev rnd, ch 5, sc into nxt sc. *ch 5, sk 1 sc, sc into nxt sc* repeat * 4 more times. (6 ch5 spaces)
-sl into 1st ch 5 sp *sc 7 into ch5 space* repeat * for rest of ch5 spaces. (42) sl st to join.
-*sc, 2 hdc, dc, 2 hdc, sc* repeat * around (42) sl st to join.
-sl st in next 2 st. (If you are using a spearate colour for the stem change it here.) sc in nxt 3 sts. ch 1, turn (You will now be working rows instead of rounds.)
-sc across, ch 1 turn. (3) repeat until stem is 2.5 inches (this took me 24 rows.)
-ch 5, sl st in last sc of prev. row. Turn. (1 ch5 space.)
- sc 7 in ch5 space (7) ch 1, turn.
-sc, 2 hdc, dc, hdc, sc (7)

Fasten off, wet block, startch if you want it stiff, and weave in ends.

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