Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jewelry Organization

I've been super sick the last few days, but since I have a friend coming to stay with me later this week I spent this afternoon doing a major clean-up of my bedroom. Part of that was finishing an organizational project that has been about 1 year in the making.

This is somehow organizing my massive collection of jewelry in a way that makes them easy to see, but not take up much space (I have a very tiny room). I wanted something that could handle rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. This was complicated by the fact that I don't have hooks or posts on any of my earrings, so lots of ideas don't work for me. I also hoped to put my small but nice pin collection in the same place.

Anyways, after a visit to the dollar store, just under $10.00 and a free bulletin board from work I came up with this:

Jewelry Board

Here are some basic instructions:

1. Put jewelry in mini zip-lock bags. Mine are mostly 2 inches, but some larger 3 inch ones at the bottom. Some bags have two or three tiny similar pieces.

2. Get bulletin board (BB) of appropriate size.

3. Put hooks about every 2.5 inches along the sides of the BB.(or about 0.5 inches than the size of your baggies.

4. Tie string to each hook attaching it to the hook on the opposite side of the BB. Make sure the string is as taut as possible.

5. Using mini clothes pins, hang baggies along string. Don't be afraid to overlap them - this allows for a smaller BB.

6. Hang on wall (If your BB doesn't come ready for this the dollar store also has picture hanging stuff that you can attach to the back of it.)

7. Add pins along edges for convenience and beauty.

Organization feels so good!


Lisa said...

That's awesome! Way to be productive, I'm very impressed.

zakkalife said...

great idea,very resourceful and I like how you can see everything