Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's Snowing (yarn)!

So I think this morning qualifies as the first real snowfall in Vancouver for the season. It's already melted from how it was when I got to work this morning, but downtown gets the least amount of snow in thw whole lower mainland. I'm sure in the suburbs there is still much to be found.

This title can also be about how I've been feeling about crochet lately. I got invited to Ravelry just about two weeks ago so I have been super motivated to finish projects, plan projects, and organize my stash.

I finally got to blocking the "Cold Shoulders" Capelet I mentioned a few weeks ago. I still need to buy a matching ribbon so I can actually wear it, but it's complete and I love it.

Cold Choulders: pre-blocking

I also did a bookmark for my mom for Christmas. It is using crochet thread from Daiso, a 1.50 hook, and a fan lace pattern I found on ravelry.

bookmark -size

I also made a scarf for a friend, a hat with awesome bamboo buttons for myself. And folowing the trend I bought a bunch of hand-dyed roving to spin and placed a knit picks order to make a top and scarf from the CrochetMe book. I also went to a close-out sale for a yarn shop in Burnaby and bought some cotton/wool blend for a shawl for my mom, and 10 balls of merino/silk blend for something. It was just so soft and shiny that I couldn't resist.

close up

Also, as Lisa Mentioned we are almost out of the Novel Notebooks. This doesn't mean we will not have them again. We are rethinking the binding and the page amounts, and will be incorporating lined pages into the new design. Watch for them in the new year.


Ellen Bloom said...

LOVE that yellow lace pattern! I'm on ravelry too. Where did you find the pattern? I think this would make a beautiful edging for a sweater.

On ravelry, I'm ellblo!

Ellen B.

Kalin said...

We've got to figure out how to notify all of us when someone comments, because my reply to this is so overdue.

For the pattern, search for fan bookmark by crochetroo. I'm going to add you as a friend right now though, so you can also link through my projects.