Monday, October 01, 2012

Cats & Kittens in support of... cats & kittens!

When I started getting the super lovely photos from my volunteer photographers for Orphan Animal Pics, I quickly realized that I needed to do something with these great photos besides post them on the internet.

I figured there had to be a fundraising idea there somewhere. I mean - cute photos of kittens are a surefire win, right? My general approach to fundraising is to find things people buy anyway, and create a product they can get from me instead. This is how I came to operate a mini-corner store out of a filing cabinet at work - selling my co-workers food at outrageously high prices to raise money for animal rescues (nearest store is 5-7min away; my co-workers are all very busy people=lots of $ for charity).

This time, I'm trying greeting cards!  I've got 4 designs: 2 birthday, 1 holiday/christmas, and one blank\all occasion.

The proceeds from all of the cards will go to animal rescues in/around Vancouver (HomeFinders Animal Rescue & Katie's Place Animal Shelter - since their cats are featured on the cards this time).

If you're the sort of person who sends cards - and these tickle your fancy (or might tickle the fancy of a recipient), please consider buying a few of them. My hope is that this print run sells out and I can do more designs!

All the cards are posted in my etsy shop.  Please feel free to share the link widely. Let's raise some $ for these great rescue groups!

There are 2 birthday cards featuring adorable kittens (funny cards), 1 blank card and 1 holiday card (that should make you chuckle).

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Angela said...

Kittens are adorable creatures!