Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby blanket

One of the things I love most is to crochet baby blankets. They're just the right size of project - easy to get going and then great for working on when watching tv/movies, and they end before you start to hate them. Perfect!

This one has been in the making for a while, using some wool yarn from my stash (pat on back for using stash yarn). I usually avoid making baby stuff out of wool because I assume all baby stuff has to be machine washable given how messy babies are. But I was told that parents have 'special occasion blankets' that don't face the same abuse as everyday blankets.

Also, the mom I had in mind for this is a knitter herself, so I figured she, if anyone, would appreciate the natural fibre and would know how to care for it. I hope it's useful to them. It's the only 100% wool in my stash - I imagine I'll be sticking to washable fibres in the future - they're just more practical.

I used this free pattern that was simple but created a lovely texture and a nice, cushy blanket. I do like that crochet makes nice, thick blankets.

On to the next baby! This time I'm trying a knit blanket - wish me and my rudimentary knitting skills luck!


BluenoseGirl said...

That isn't the same wool you gave me is it? You don't have a smidge left by chance if it is. I am somehow a touch short for my throw and I don't want to have to rip back 5 rows then try to put it back on the needles and bind off.

Lisa said...

No, this is a different yarn - a knitpics wool in peach. Sorry - I know the pain of being a smidge short!