Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Blanket 572

Apparently I need a hard deadline like a baby being born to get me to sit down a finish a project. Hence all the baby-related crafting lately.

There is other crafting going on, I'm sure of it, I just can't find the finished product to show you. ;)

This blanket might look familiar since it is my go-to favorite blanket to make and I'm sure I've posted other versions of it.

Here are the instructions if you want to see how simple it is.

It's not excessively fussy to make but I think it's cute (without being overly precious). I'm trying to stay away from cutesie baby fabrics, thinking parents might appreciate some relief from all the pastel colours, animal shapes, etc. This is for a summer baby so I used a thin fleece and some summer stripes cotton. A little rick rack trim for fun, and now I just need to pop it into the mail because the mom went into labour today!!

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