Monday, September 06, 2010

Fabric - start & finish

One of my co-workers, who I shared an office with for several months (my first time ever sharing an office) and so quickly discovered that she's fabulous - is having a baby in a few weeks. I pulled out my favorite fabric, got some minky fabric and set about making my favorite baby blanket (tutorial here).

This was my first time working with knit fabric. And I don't have a walking foot on my sewing machine. So I learned quickly the frustration of knit fabric! Stupid stretchy fabric! A walking foot is now on my wishlist.

I managed to wrestle it into a generally rectangular-shaped blanket and the finished product was a bit hit at the luncheon we had to send the mom-to-be off on maternity leave. It's always nice to give gifts to people who appreciate handmade items!

Hopefully it'll get lots of use. The minky fabric sure is soft, even if it's a pain to sew!

And, just as I finished that sewing project, a lovely package of new fabric arrived in the mail from Cloud9 Fabrics. I won it in a contest on JCaroline's blog (she sells fabulous fabric like this). This fabric is adorable and high quality - and organic. Seriously, it's good stuff. Clearly it needs to be made into a quilt... but I haven't learned how to quilt yet. And do I want to learn another new thing? Oh my.


Kalin said...

Quilting and sewing are not different crafts! I promise. Quilting just needs fancier rulers and a rotary cutter.

Lisa said...

Kalin, you are a bad bad influence on me! (You're to blame for my yarn habit, after all.)

I do have a rotary cutter and mat already....

Rhiannon said...

Quilting is easy peasy. Especially if you get walking foot. But really, you could just do the same thing you've been doing, just throw a layer of batting between and then tie the layers together with bits of embroidery floss.

If you're talking about the *piecing* then that's even easier.