Monday, August 16, 2010


The last time I was in a sewing class was in junior high home economics. I was forced to take the class and was very unimpressed that I had to. Woodshop, fine. Metal shop, fine. But sewing and cooking? I was insulted. I felt it was.... presumptuous to assume I needed or wanted to learn these girly things. I mean, they made everyone take them, it wasn't just me, but somehow, 13 year old me got a huge chip on my shoulder about the whole thing.

So I did not learn a whole lot - was too busy being a brat. I do recall making a hoodie and every time the instructor wanted to demonstrate how to do something, she happened to grab my project (without realizing), so really, she did 70% of the work for me. That was pretty awesome.

I've grown up and now voluntarily sew things. My how things change. I dream up things to sew, in fact. But my sewing skills are pretty basic. Fortunately for me, a fantastic new sewing resource has opened in Vancouver - Spool of Thread - a sewing lounge. Run by a fabulous young couple who know what this generation of crafters is interested in. This was confirmed when they listed their first classes and one of them was for the Emmeline Apron - a pattern I've had for over a year but haven't gotten the nerve up to tackle (having never read a sewing pattern in my life) - perfect!

I went to the shop yesterday and got to work with 4 other ladies and Lili's guidance. It was fabulous! Having someone there to take you through the process step by step is so helpful. I often think the hardest part of crafting, or learning a new craft, is overcoming the fear of mistakes (especially when cutting into precious fabric). It's so easy to hit a point of doubt or uncertainty and then just stop to avoid making a mistake.... then you can just waffle and procrastinate forever. Taking a class is a great way to get some practice, learn some new techniques, and just prevent you from getting hung up on any snags.

I finished my apron, and am super proud - it's by far the most complicated thing I've ever sewn (it's reversible) - and pretty cute if I say so myself!!

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Nancy L said...

Very cute! I wish I could've taken class with you gals. Too bad I had lunch plans. I hope they run another class and maybe I'll run into you as a classmate. Love their classes. BTW, great blog!