Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finishing & Starting

It's funny how difficult it seems to finish projects sometimes. Starting them is so much more interesting! I've been very good lately about only starting projects when I've finished one I have on the go - so I don't end up buried under a million half-done works-in-progress.

I finished a big one recently - a baby blanket for a friend. I started out using a different pattern, but really wasn't feeling it at all, so about 1/4 of the way through I abandoned that and went with a crochet pattern I had done before and liked - the Tiramisu. Much better! It was a perfect mindless crochet project, good for keeping my hands busy during movies and it actually went quite quickly once I got going. The yarn got much softer after I washed it, which is good because I wasn't really enjoying it much. It's Elann's Superwash Bamboo. Finished it off with some yellow ribbon from my stash (yes, I have a ribbon stash, of course), and bask in the glow of a finished project. Feels good.

I started looking for crochet patterns to decide what I was going to do next, and actually decided to put the yarn away for a bit and tackle another project I've had on my todo list for ages... chainmaille. I got a package of tiny silver rings (perfectly laser cut by UrbanMaille) for my birthday last year and haven't tackled the project I wanted them for because it was kind of a daunting task. These rings are really tiny (see photo)!

But, the only way to start is to just start. So I started (see photo)! This is a byzantine chain which is a pattern I fell in love with when I first experimented with chainmaille several years ago. And since I like to do things that are ridiculously intricate and time consuming, this project fits the bill very nicely. Stay tuned, I'll let you know how I progress. =)


Tempest Ahoy said...

Gosh, that looks like it will be incredible!

Lisa said...

Thanks! (It's easier to make than it looks.) =)