Saturday, March 06, 2010

Olympics & Etsy Feature

Hello! I don't know if you heard, but Vancouver hosted a bit of an event recently. A sporting event. There were a few people in town and a couple of things going on.

It was fabulous. The Olympics brought this energy to the city that I've never experienced before - the streets were filled with thousands of happy, friendly people. I've never given so many high fives to strangers for no particular reason, or chatted with so many friendly strangers while waiting in line. It was simply fantastic.

Not much crafting happened!

That is - until Etsy featured our gold delica ring in their "Etsy Finds" newsletter! I returned home one day from working at one of the Olympic celebration sites to find a slew of orders in my inbox - which was a nice surprise. Thanks Etsy! I'm just finishing the last of the backlog of custom orders, so if you'd like a delica ring, now is a good time to snap one up.


TBones said...

Congrats on the Etsy feature :)
I'll be checking out your shop in about 2 seconds!
Do you do any craft fairs? I'm trying to build a resource for crafty people to learn about selling handmade, etsy, craft fairs, and have a place to promote yourself and your products. I'd love any help to start building this resource here, on my craft site:
Please introduce and promote your fabulous shop and blog!

Lisa said...

Thanks TBones! We do sometimes to craft fairs - I'll be sure to check out your site.... online crafty resources are always helpful!