Friday, August 15, 2008

Parallelogram Picnic Blanket

I've been working on a sewing project off and on lately - trying to use some of my fabric stash to make a picnic blanket (I don't like to touch nature if I can avoid it).

I've learned during this process that it's really hard to cut an exact rectangle that is so large when you don't have an enormous picnic-blanket sized table to lay it out and measure precisely. It's even harder to cut 3 exact rectangles and line them all up so you can sew them all together. Especially if sewing straight lines is not your forte. But, I'm moving forward with my slightly-wonky blanket, I'm sure the end product will be good enough to throw on the grass at the park and take a nap, no matter how much it may resemble a parallelogram.

(This is why Rhiannon, who sews a mean straight line, makes all our zipper pouches.)


dicope said...

XD It's amazing how something that seems so easy can be so difficult ! That's why at school we always use a paper pattern to cut the fabric !

kim* said...

i cant sew for anything...

thats funny how you don't touch nature if you don't have to :)

i like the fabric choice by the way :)